A selection of recent crime stories involving games…

An Elvis impersonator was charged with third-degree assault and battery after allegedly punching another man in the face during an argument over the rules for Taboo. C’mon guys, haven’t you heard of BGG!?! Also, here.

One of the judges presiding over the case of Norwegian bomber Anders Breivik was caught playing solitaire on his computer during the trial. A court spokesperson explained that it helped him focus.

A member of the UAE Chess Federation was beaten up in Szeged, Hungary, allegedly by police. He was there accompanying an Emerati grand master, who was meeting with a Hungarian player to prepare for the World Junior Chess Championship.

In 1993, Mob members thought playing a board game would be a good alibi for crime. In addition to being ruthless murderers, they also had a sense of humor. The game they were supposedly playing was Clue.