Recently I was asked by someone who runs youth groups and summer camps about purchasing giant-sized board games. I’ve written about a wall-hanging Scrabble and 9 foot Jenga before but I think he was hoping for something more economical than $12,000. Thus I ended up resorting to some basic internet research, and while I can’t vouch for all the vendors, I thought you might be interested in what I discovered.

Garden Games of the UK makes a variety of big games, including Connect 4, Chess, Jenga, Snakes & Ladders, Dominoes, and Pick-up Sticks. Local stockists are listed on the company’s website. Lettuce Make Thyme sells some of their products in Canada.

In the US, online retailer Gopher offers Giant 4 Up It (Connect 4), Giant Tower (Jenga), and Giant Checkers at prices ranging from $180 to $390.

S&S Worldwide has a smaller but still large Giant Four in a Row for $52, as well as Super Tumbling Timbers, a Checkers and Backgammon Game Rug, Jumbo Nutrition Island, Jumbo Chess, Jumbo Word Scramble, Jumbo Tic-Tac-Toe, Jumbo Chinese Checkers, Jumbo Snakes & Ladders, Jumbo Ludo, Super Jumbo Playing Cards, and Gianormous Checkers for anywhere between $12 and $270.

On Amazon, a Pressman Giant Garden Chess Set is $47, a Pressman Giant Garden Four In A Row is $40, and Multiflex Jumbo Checker Rug Game is $15.

Oversized games are also available on Etsy, where you can get big Scrabble letter tiles in sets of various sizes, a felt Giant Checkers Game With Bag for $70, sets of three custom giant pillow dice for $56, Giant Dominoes individually or in a set, a Huge Tri-Omino Game for $172, a Backyard Block Party Outdoor Game (Jenga) for $78, and a deck of oversized vintage playing cards for $26.

Update: Thank you to Labyrinth Games and Puzzles for pointing out the following.

Another maker of giant games is Jaques of London, which has British and American versions of its website. Many of the company’s products are available in multiple sizes. For example, the Score 4 (Connect 4 in wood) comes in three sizes at $100-$150. Jaques of London also sells outdoor Backgammon, Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, Chess, Checkers, Pick-up Sticks, and Tic-Tac-Toe.

Update #2:

Games for All of Canada sells and rents giant sized games, including Giant Cannonball Drop, Giant Checkers, Giant Chess, Giant Dominoes, Giant Ludo, Giant Snakes and Ladders, Giant Tower, and Giant 4 Up It.