In terms of game play, Madd Capp Checkers is basically checkers with the addition of a randomizing element. Each turn a player can make three moves, but whether those moves are of the player’s own pieces, those of his opponent, or a combination of the two is determined by a popper with three dice.

Frankly, I wouldn’t normally consider this sort of game addition to be an enhancement. For Checkers, though, I think it could be a positive development, adding a bit of excitement and hopefully eliminating the too-often occurring stalemates.

Additionally, instead of traditional disc-shaped checkers, the playing pieces in Madd Capp Checkers are dog bowls (or cat bowls if you’re one of those poor people). To indicate that a piece has been kinged, a bone (or fish skeleton) is put in the bowl. Kings, by the way, are immune to being moved by an opponent.

This version that was shown at ASTRA was a prototype. The dog and cat games are scheduled for release in September, with cupcake and football editions coming soon after.