A party game that’s meant to help you getting over the fear of meeting and socializing with people? That’s kinda the premise behind Who’s Got Game?.

Neil Strauss, the seven-time New York Time’s best selling author of “The Game” and “Rules of the Game”, developed Who’s Got Game with game developer Adam Kornblum. Players will interact with each other after drawing cards in this deceptively simple party game. The game is for 4+ players ages 18+, and runs between 30 and 60 minutes.

Inside the box you’ll find the cards, score cards, a notebook, and a sand timer. Not a lot in there at all! Once you’ve got it ready to go, players pick a permanent partner, give then a nickname, and then the cards are shuffled. Gameplay is pretty simple. The “leader” of a round picks a card, reads it, and the players set to do that task at hand. The leader then hands out scores and play moves to the next player to become the leader. The game ends with a Final Challenge. During this, the sand timer is flipped and the players must write down things their partner said during the game. Each correct answer scores them an extra point.

Keep in mind the game is for ages 18+, but a simple filtering of some cards could make this into a more family friendly game. My suggestion would be to keep this one for the adults, though. It feels like, even filtering the cards, that this is one that would just be enjoyed more by the adult crowd.

The verdict? Who’s Got Game? is a really fun party game that feels like it doesn’t fit the mold of those who came before it. I suggest giving it a shot!

Who’s Got Game was provided free for review by Adam Kornblum