A group of students at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies have developed a game, Settlers of a Green Future, as an educational tool for the upcoming Rio+20 Earth Summit. The game, inspired by Settlers of Catan, is meant to help players:

Understand the diversity and range of options available that can help nations achieve a green future. Additionally, it exposes individuals to the inherent trade-offs between individual goals and collective actions in multilateral environmental negotiations.

In Settlers of a Green Future, each player chooses from among several political philosophies, including market liberal, institutionalist, social green, and bioenvironmentalist. Resources are represented by green policy cards. And to win requires 10 green points, collected from building political capital, sustainable settlements, and eco-cities. But different from Catan, with the right policy cards, multiple players can also join together to build eco-cooperatives for a faster track to mutual victory.