After 4½ days with no electricity at home, I’m back online and have found nine board game giveaways to share with you. Most of them are of the tweet-follow-friend-etc.-for-multiple-entries variety.

Stratus Games is giving away DiceAFARI.

Games with Two is giving away Hey That’s My Fish from Fantasy Flight Games.

Father Geek is giving away Fill the Barn from HoopCAT Games.

A Mom’s Take is giving away either Busy Busy Airport or Busytown Eye Found It from Wonder Forge and either Ultimate Truth or Dare, Acting Out, or S.T.A.R. Awardz from Swingset Press Games.

Baby Loving Mama is giving away three games from Bananagrams.

Mommy Katie is giving away Bop It! Smash from Hasbro

Simple Mom Reviews is giving away Kerflip from Creative Foundry Games.

Jack 102.7 FM is giving away The Logo Board Game from Spin Master.