Osprey Men at Arms, Elite, and Warrior series books (print and electronic) are 25% off through July.

The Kobold World Conquest Challenge will award an RPG ebook prize package to gaming groups in each of North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Winners will be randomly selected from those groups submitting photographs by July 30th. A special $700 prize package will be awarded to the first group entering from Antarctica sometime in the next year.

Stuffer Shack is running a Your Best Worst Villain contest. Prizes include RPG ebooks and Q-Workshop dice.

A Nation of Moms is giving away Roll and Play from ThinkFun.

Ndpdesign is offering discount bundles (print and PDF) of its RPGs, including Carry, Annalise, and The Dance and the Dawn.

On BoardGameGeek, Evil Hat is sponsoring a contest in which they’re giving away Race to Adventure: The Spirit of the Century Exploration Game.