At it’s convention over the weekend, Paizo revealed its plans for upcoming Pathfinder products, which include:

  • Ultimate Equipment—A shopping book with sections for armor and weapons, magic items of all kinds, alchemy equipment, food, tools, etc.
  • NPC Codex—With stat blocks for every core character class at every level 1-20. The even level NPCs will be “oddball examples.”
  • Ulimate Campaign—Rules for what happens between adventures, such as running guilds, building kingdoms, advancing skills, and war!
  • Shattered Star—Adventure Path modules with the characters inside Baba Yaga’s hut.
  • Paizo Game Space—A web-based virtual tabletop requiring no Flash or plugins.
  • Goblin plushies.
  • Pathfinder Battles miniatures for the Shattered Star Adventure Path.
  • A Pathfinder Adventure cooperative deck-building card game.