RuneQuest, one of those early fantasy RPGs I remember playing in Jr. High, has returned in a 6th edition from The Design Mechanism. The company is a venture of Lawrence Whitaker and Pete Nash, who previously worked for Mongoose Publishing when it had the license for RuneQuest.

The rules for RuneQuest 6th Edition are described as being refined and expanded from the rules used by Mongoose, now called Legend RPG, so it’s not a radical redesign. Traditional elements still part of the game include brutal and deadly combats and characters based on culture, careers, and cult membership. (I also remember something about ducks as player-characters. I wonder if that’s still there?)

Print books of RuneQuest should begin shipping in the next few weeks. They can still be preordered for a discounted $50, which includes a PDF. Or the ebook can be purchased separately for $25.