On the retail side, TableTop Game & Hobby in Overland Park, Kansas is a bit small but reasonably organized and well stocked. The store has three aisles. One is dedicated to miniatures—Warhammer and Flames of War mostly. The other two feature a nice selection of board games and RPGs. At and behind the counter are dice and CCGs. The staff are friendly and helpful, but not overbearing. Inventory is varied and current. Overall, a fine establishment.

What really sets TableTop apart, though, is its play area and community! First of all, the gaming room is big—nothing fancy, but it does have at least a dozen tables (and serviceable bathrooms). Also, while the store closes at 8:00, the play area has a separate entrance and is open as late as the last person with a key is willing to stay. Many regulars are given a key, so you’ll often find the room busy to 11:00 or 12:00, even on a weeknight.

The gamers who hang out at TableTop are also a really nice bunch of people. I visited twice when recently in town and was immediately invited to a game on both occasions. Thank you to both the Tuesday night minis gamers and the Thursday night board game group!

If you’re passing through the Kansas City area, TableTop is definitely worth a stop.