Malifaux 2E

Malifaux Shifting LoyaltiesHitting retail in August and September from Wyrd Miniatures are:

  • A Malifaux Two-Player Starter set ($65), including eight new models for two henchmen-led crews, two fate decks, two measuring tapes, stat cards, upgrade cards, quick reference cards, and a Quick Start booklet (the full manual is a free download).
  • Shifting Loyalties ($45), a Malifaux supplement that in addition to detailing new models, provides rules for campaign play.
  • A Campaign Deck ($18) of 193 upgrade cards to go with Shifting Loyalties.
  • A Generalist Deck ($18) with 136 cards for the upgrades in M2E and Crossroads.
  • Into the Steam ($45), a supplement for the Malifaux RPG, Through the Breach. This one focuses on the lands of the Arcanists north of the city.
  • Northern Aggression ($20), the first in a series of three Penny Dreadful adventures for Through the Breach.
  • Darkness Comes Rattling ($65), a cooperative board game not tied to any of Wyrd’s other properties. Instead, the game “follows the story of the tribes of man in their quest to save the world from corruption and darkness.”