A New Delhi court has found that while wagering on games of skill, like Chess or Poker, may be legal among friends, hosting such activities online is not.

A teen was ejected from the National Scrabble Championship for cheating.

When Swedish police were called to investigate a suspicious package in an airport garbage bin, instead of a bomb, they found a board game, “Sundsvallsspelet”. Anyone know that game? It’s not in the BGG database.

According to The Sinatra Club: My Life Inside the New York Mafia by Sal Polisi, former Mob boss John Gotti was a fan of Monopoly but played with real money. He also recommended Chess to his fellow gangsters for its help in getting one to think like a boss, and required major cash payments from those who dared to challenge his words in Scrabble.

A South Carolina woman stabbed and killed her fiancee over a dice game.