It’s been a while since I’ve played Magic: The Gathering. Sure, I’ve played Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013, but I haven’t played with a physical deck in quite some time. So when I was writing up the post about the release of Return to Ravnica and Wizards offered to send me some cards to review, I jumped at the opportunity. They sent me the Azorius Advance (White/Blue) intro pack and 2 boosters. Since I didn’t have enough to play, I bought the Selesnya Surge Theme Deck (White/Green) and 2 more booster pack for my 7-year-old son to play with.

I’m not going to go into any in-depth review of individual cards, or anything like that, but will give you all my feeling of what we played with.

What a great feeling getting back into the game! The Ravnica set is built on dual colors, and each of the 2 decks we played with was well balance and felt very solid. The rules have changed a bit, but not enough that I had any trouble jumping in and teaching my son the ropes. Azorius Advance is a great deck for preventing your opponent from using their creatures, while Selesnya Surge is fantastic with it’s tough monsters and ability to populate weaker creatures to help build up your forces.

Overall I’m more than pleased with that I’ve seen. Granted I’ve been away from the game for a long time (I stopped with Ice Age), but the game feels very much the same. In fact, it feels like these pre-constructed decks are some of the better intro decks to a CCG than I’ve seen before.

Overall? I’m glad to be playing Magic again, and Return to Ravnica seems like a great place to jump back into the game.

An Intro Pack and two boosters were provided free for review. The rest of the cards used in this review were purchased.