On Tuesday, Spin Master won an $8.6 million judgement in a California court against Zobmondo!! Entertainment for trademark infringement. The case involved Spin Master’s license for “Would You Rather…?“, a series of humor books by authors Justin Heimberg and David Gomberg.

Zobmondo has been publishing a series of “Would You Rather…?” board games, including:

  • Zobmondo!! “Would You Rather…?” Classic,
  • Zobmondo!! “Would You Rather…?” The Twisted, Sick & Wrong Version, and
  • Zobmondo!! You Gotta Be Kidding!: The Crazy Game of “Would You Rather…?” For Kids

The premise of both the books and games is a series of strange and thought-provoking dilemmas, such as:

  • Would you rather someone snoop through your closet or through your computer files?
  • Would you rather have fangs or a forked tongue?