International Tabletop DayThe Geek & Sundry network, host of Wil Wheaton’s TableTop show, is promoting an International Tabletop Day for March 30th, 2013. The idea is simply to bring people together for face-to-face gaming fun wherever it works for them.

International TableTop Day encourages people from around the globe to participate in the joys of board gaming by empowering the community to host thousands of gaming events internationally.

TableTop’s producers expect to have many events hosted at local game stores but are also encouraging fans to organize games at their homes, community centers, and businesses. A special website,, has been set up for participants to register and promote their events, as well as to receive support in the form of downloadable promotional material and possibly games. Publishers that have signed on to contribute include AEG, Asmodee, Days of Wonder, Mayfair, Steve Jackson Games, and Wizards of the Coast—though the specifics of those arrangements have not yet been revealed.

TableTop, which features geek celebrities playing board, card, and roleplaying games, has been a tremendous hit with active and casual gamers. Individual episodes have received hundreds-of-thousands of views on YouTube. Retailers and publishers have benefited from major increases in sales for featured games. And through a special program with TableTop, even Target has started to carry games that previously would have been thought limited to the hobby market.