You take your eye off of BGG for one minute, and you miss all the action.

I think everyone wondered what would happen with this property once Battlefront Miniatures picked up the Dust property, and we are now seeing it in action, from their subsidiary, Galeforce9.

This new wave is being broken up into monthly releases set to be in stores the end of August, September, and October.  Included in Wave 8 will be a new scenario, actual bunkers complete with alternate guns that can be swapped in and out, US Marines, and SSU powered armor units and snipers.  Oh, and a new Axis Plane – “Der Blitz.”

SSU Tornado bunker der blitz


While others ask if these are in keeping with FFG’s Dust game, I just look on and drool.  I can’t wait to get my hands on these new units.

Get the full disclosure over at the GaleForce 9 website.