dungeonheroesRemember the Kickstarter campaign back from late last year? Well I’ve gotten my hands on the game, and I’m impressed with how much play there is in such a small package.

The game is for 2 players and plays in roughly 30 minutes, sometimes less. Each player takes the role of either the part of heroes, or the dungeon lord. The heroes need to find 3 out of the 4 treasures, while the the dungeon lord just needs to kill all the heroes. A job much easier than treasure hunting.

During the heroes turn they make take 4 actions with their 4 heroes. Each hero has a special ability, a different number of hit points, and 1 of 2 movement rules. The dungeon lord draws 4 dungeon tiles and places them face down on the board. The hero will have to search these to try and find treasure, but most of the time will find monsters, traps, artifacts, etc… After placing the tiles the dungeon lord may now move any monsters that have come on the board. Each monster gets 1 action.

The rules are incredibly simple, quick to learn, and easy to read. The two expansions for the game, The Dragon & The Damsel and Lords of the Undead, each add a little more flavor to the game. The Damsel is an extra hero to be used when found in the dungeon, the dragon is the ultimate killing machine, The Necromancer can bring monster back to life, and the White Lady can possess heroes. There’s also market tiles that grant the heroes a little helping hand.

Dungeon Heroes packs a lot of play and fun into an inexpensive and small package. It’s easy to carry along with you, can be played quickly, and always presents a good challenge. There’s even solo rules for when you’ve got no one to play with. I’m a big fan.

A copy of Dungeon Heroes was provided free by Gamelyn games.