Brett Gilbert, famous for designing Divinare (Spiel de Jahres recommended game of the year 2013), has founded a free game library: Good Little Games (GLG), a showcase of free print-and-play microgames.


Brett was not happy with the fact that traditional print-and-play games can involve huge amounts of printing, highly skilled crafting, and long drawn-out assembly times. So GLG has one important rule: “All games will consist of no more than just 18 single-sided cards”; the game components fit neatly on just two sheets of paper.

So far there is a stellar line up of games made by some seasoned game designers; Tony Boydell (Snowdonia), Matthew Dunstan (Relic Runners) Michael Fox (Little Metal Dog Show), Todd Sanders (Shadows Upon Lassadar) to name a few.

If asked “Why are the games free?” Brett replies simply: “Because games are meant to played”. So go and checkout this showcase of free, small, Good Little Games.