King of Tokyo Halloween Collector Pack 1King of Tokyo is getting a special holiday-themed expansion from Iello this October. The King of Tokyo Halloween Collector Pack 1 includes two new monsters, costume cards, and an extra set of dice in orange-and-black.

The monsters, Pumpkin Jack and Boogie Woogie, come with evolution cards so that they can be played with the Power Up expansion. Among those evolution cards are several with a new “gift” mechanic. When Pumpkin Jack and Boogie Woogie deal damage to another monster while a gift evolution card is in play, they can pass the gift to that other monster. For example, one of Boogie Woogie’s gift evolution cards, “I Live Under Your Bed”, makes the monster in possession of it (except Boogie Woogie, himself) roll with one less die.

Costume cards are supposed to give all the monsters an opportunity to dress up for the holiday. They can either be shuffled in to the regular deck or can be handed out, one to each player, at the start of the game. They work just like other keep power cards except they can also be stolen. A monster with three claw dice can steal costumes from other monsters by paying those monsters the costumes’ cost in energy.

One more thing comes with the Halloween Collector Pack, a single exclusive preview card for a new standalone game, King of New York!

King of Tokyo Costume Cards

King of Tokyo Halloween Pumpkin Jack     King of Tokyo Halloween Boogie Woogie