Wizkids released new information on the three games they will be debuting at Essen 2013.

Two of the new releases are from designer Eric M Lang, who has worked on various other games including the Call of Cthulu Living Card Game for FFG.

wizkids3The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – Journey to the Lonely Mountain Strategy Game allows players to play one on one, or one against three, in this new interpretation of Peter Jackson’s movie.




wizkids1Trains and Stations is a light, dice-based train game that allows players to do more than just deliver goods.  Controlling hotels and mines also play a key role (Ha!) in this locomotive game.  It will fill the light game niche that you may have been looking for if you play with non-gaming friends and relatives.




wizkids2 And thirdly, (is that a word?) we have the latest expansion for mage Knight the Boardgame.  This is a player character for Krang.  Designed by Paul Grogan and PhilPettifer, with input from Vlaada Chvatil, Krang is rumored to have the ability to bring back dead enemies to help him fight his battles.




Wizkids will be present at Essen, Ocotober 24-27 in the Essen Spiel Hall 1, in booth F117.