golemarcanaSomeone may need to mop up my drool after seeing Golem Arcana up on Kickstarter. The game is going to be put out by Harebrained Schemes, and is a miniatures combat game with an electronic element. What is this element, you may ask? It’s an app and a piece of hardware used for keeping track of all the normal bookkeeping you’d normally have to do in a minis game. Everything is tracked and double checked to remove any element of doubt when it comes to rules, line of sight, damage, etc..

The minis are also pre-assembled, pre-paintied, and look pretty damn awesome so far.

A pledge of $65 gets you the game if they reach their $500,000 goal. So far they’ve managed to raise just about $100,000, and that’s just in the first day.

You can learn more about the game, and check out the amazing stretch goals of the project over on their Kickstarter page.