It’s finally here!  Pandemic hits the street for iOS on October 3rd, according to this announcement for Z-man Games

pandemic1We have reached the singularity.  Pandemic is systematically trying to take over the world.  With new editions, expansions, and distribution deals in mass market stores like Target, there was no safe place to escape the Pandemic.  Well, there was one, you could retreat to your iPhone or iPad.

This is no longer the case.

As of October 3rd Pandemic will infect your iOS devices.  Thus rendering all resistance to be futile.  With access to the Apples iTunes catalog of apps, pandemic will be able to infect other apps.  Makerbot apps all over the world will allow Pandemic to start replicating itself.  Arnold Schwarzennegger has already been sequestered to avoid becoming the template for line of humanity killing robots.




On October 3rd, there will be no where to hide.