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For the eighth time, Deep Junior has won the World Computer Chess Championship. Deep Junior is a Chess-playing computer program written by Israelis Amir Ban and Shay Bushinsky and running on a dual 12-core Intel Xenon I5 2.7 GHz computer. Its only loss during the recent tournament in Yokohama was to a German program called Jonny and running on a 2400-core system.

The Punjab State Under-25 Chess Championship was a success despite complaints of a lack of support from the state government. The winner was Pankaj Kumar of Bathinda.

Speaking of a lack of support, Chess is out for the 2014 Asian Games.

A well-run U.S. Masters tournament in Greensboro, North Carolina saw a number of upsets and the awarding of numerous titles (one Grandmaster, three International Masters, one Women’s Grandmaster, and one Women’s International Master). The tournament champion was Rauf Mamedov.

At the inaugural Sinquefield Cup in St. Louis, Magnus Carlsen came in first place, earning a prize of $70,000. It was also Carlsen’s first tournament in the United States.

Scott Varagona won the Alabama State Chess Championship for the fifth time.

Sri Lanka was a big winner at the 8th Asian Schools Chess Championship, with 16 medals, including one gold.


Eschewing the usual, Tom Holmes and Roland Trim of Bristol, UK, set a world record for standing up dominoes. They built a 5.275 meter freestanding dominoes tower, which is 20 cm taller than the previous record.


Wajid Iqbal was the winner of the 2nd Ranking Scrabble Tournament in Karachi.

At the British 42nd National Scrabble Championship semi-final match in Cardiff, Allan Simmons and Paul Allan advanced. The five game final will take place November 3rd in London.

Magic: The Gathering

Josh McClain was triumphant in the Modern format of Grand Prix Detroit.

Other Card Games

The 2013 North American Champion for Warhammer: Invasion only learned the game less than a month and a half before taking the title.

Tom Capor won the North American Championship for Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game for the fifth consecutive year.

The first North American Champion for Star Wars: The Card Game is Matt Kohls.