Dungeons & DragonsAfter losing its plea for summary judgement, Sweetpea has filed a counterclaim in the legal wranglings over the rights to make a Dungeons & Dragons movie. Sweetpea claims that not only have the sequel rights not reverted to Hasbro, but that even if or when they do, the original contract gave Sweetpea the permanent exclusive rights to all Dungeons & Dragons copyrighted material, including the name “Dungeons & Dragons”, for live-action motion pictures. In other words, even if Sweetpea can’t make a D&D movie, neither can Hasbro.

Sweetpea’s counterclaim [PDF] also asserts that after the sequel rights revert, it maintains a “Right of Last Refusal”. That is, Sweetpea would be able to assert the right to make a film on the same financial terms that Hasbro had agreed to with any other entity.

[via Hollywood Reporter]