Candlewood SuitesCandlewood Suites is adding a Lending Locker to the list of services at its 300+ hotels. The Lending Locker is basically a library of kitchen and household goods not typically provided with hotel rooms, yet which might be of particular interest to extended stay customers.

And what—based on Candlewood’s year-long pilot program—do you think is the most popular type of item in the Lending Locker? Well, blenders actually. But what’s the second most popular? Games! In fact, games represented 13.2 percent of all items borrowed, exceeding even the demand for Xbox video game consoles (7.4 percent) and movies (5.8 percent).

In terms of the games borrowed, the favorites were:

  • Monopoly  42.7%
  • Cards  14.3%
  • The Game of Life  7.2%
  • Scrabble  7.2%
  • Others  28.6%