Hasbro has finally provided some details for the first Dungeons & Dragons Kre-O products, scheduled to release in January. The line will work as both a series of construction toys and an expandable action battling game.

Each building set in the line provides a new play experience with competitive action battling, performance weapon accessories and a new modular building system allowing for quick rebuilds after suffering damage at the hands of opponents!

The first year of Kre-O Dungeons & Dragons will feature more than 75 different Kreon characters, including iconic D&D personalities, Drizzt and Wolfgar. There will be $3 Kreon Army Builder blind bags, each with a single Kreon figure from a set of 36, and $5 Kreon Warrior packs, each with one of 10 iconic characters plus artifacts and accessories. In all products, Kreon cards with individual combat stats will accompany each character figure.

Kre-O D&D Kreon Singles A6735

A series of Kre-O Dungeons & Dragons Battle Starter Packs will contain two Kreon figures each, a firing weapon, a target, and challenge cards (with rated shooting-skill tests). These will retail for $9.

Kre-O D&D Catapult A7706_A6744

Kre-O D&D Crossbow A7705_A6744

At $13, the Lightning Cannon building set will include a spring-fired cannon, two cannon darts, two Kreons, and three challenge cards.

Kre-O D&D Lightning Cannon A6737

In the $17 Outpost building set will be a constructable castle wall with “reactive targets”, a ball-shooter, three Kreon figures, and three challenge cards.

Kre-O D&D Battle Outpost A6740

The Fortress Tower building set ($20) will include a “collapsing tower destruction feature” that “provides dramatic destruction with minimal rebuild time”, as well as a catapult, four Kreons, and five challenge cards.

Kre-O D&D Fortress Tower A6742

And for $25, the Fortress Defense building set will feature a gatehouse with drawbridge and breakout windows, a spring-fired catapult, six Kreon figures, and seven challenge cards.

Kre-O D&D Fortress Defense A6739