PicaroonMatt Kirby, one of the inventors of Apples to Apples, has a new board game project in development. The name of the game is Picaroon, it’s based on a pirate theme, and Matt is certain that it’ll be loved by fans of Apples to Apples.

Just like “Apples to Apples”, Picaroon emphasizes chaotic randomness, unpredictability and variable outcomes, yet incorporates the tactical challenge and excitement of a great strategy board game.

Picaroon—have I mentioned that it was designed by the same team as Apples to Apples, because that constant refrain is what you’ll get if you read the press release or click through to the project website…

Anyway, Picaroon involves rolling lots of dice and then randomly picking from face-down treasure cards in order to collect sets. There are some rules that apply to special situations but that’s the essence of the “Landlubber” (basic) game.

Now what do I mean by “independent crowdfunding campaign”? Matt has set up his own “pre-order pledge drive website” where you can pay up front for a copy of the game to be manufactured later. (Keep in mind that this isn’t Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Rocket Hub, or any of the other standard crowdfunding services.) The minimum contribution for a copy of the game is $37, while $90 will get you your name on the box.

The project website claims that 57 supporters have so far contributed $3,707. The goal of the campaign, however, is to raise $100,000. Still, while pledges are charged immediately, the website does promise to refund all contributions should the goal not be met. Unfortunately, though, it sets no deadline.