TherosTheros is the first of a 3 block set for Magic: The Gathering. Based heavily on fantastic monster and heroes, the set brings saytrs, minotaurs, elves, and more. Theros also includes some new mechanics, as well as bringing back the Scry mechanic. Heroic, Monstrosity, Enchant, and Devotion all play a major role in how cards interact with each other.

I had a chance to sit down with the Blazing Beasts of Myth and Anthousa’s Army Intro decks. Anhousa relies heavily on smaller creatures with Heroic buffs, while Blazing Beasts is all about buying time to pull out the big nasties later on. Each deck has a very different feel, and plays very well. While I’m still a huge fan of the Ravnica blocks, the art and mythology behind the Theros set captivates my old-school fantasy imagination. The addition of Gods that can be played if there’s enough devotion is a really awesome addition to the game.

The best part of Theros is that it feel completely different than the previous block, and not in a bad way. The new mythology, art, and mechanics really make it a set to be excited about.

Theros cards were provided free for review by Wizards of the Coast.