Case of USPS Board Game Flat Rate boxes.Second Look - Boardgame reviews in depth. Check out that cat.I’ve gotten my hands on some of the new USPS Board Game Flat Rate boxes, and I figured I’d give a quick write up about them here.

That’s right. Box Review. Deal with it. *puts on shades*

To the right you can see what a case of these bad boys looks like. There’s 25 of ’em in there. Why did I get so many? The holidays are coming! Funny story. I ordered 20 boxes from the USPS website, and they sent my local Post Office 20 cases. They wanted to give them all the me.

Not gonna happen. There’s just no need for me to have 500 boxes.

Anyway. The big question is, do they really hold 2 standard 12″x12″ boxes.

Here’s some photographic evidence.

USPS Flat Rate Box with Games

Don’t mind my hobbit feet. Just take a look at the box there. You’ll see the new Ares Games version of Inkognito sticking out. Already inside the box is Relic Runners. Both games fit inside perfectly (I only have Inkognito sticking out so you can see how snugly the games slide into the box.)

Now you know that these will indeed fit two standard sized games, and knowing is half the battle.

Now get out there and spend your hard earned $16.85 shipping games! (preferably to me. I love games.)