On November 7th, FFG announced how they will be using a recently acquired printing facility.  It turns out they will be  cranking out random packs for two successful living card games, Androind:Netrunner, and A Game of Thrones.  Randomized?  What is this all about?

That’s right, random packs for a special drafting format.  One popularized by magic players, as well as other CCGs.

It will be interesting to see how this is put into practice, and what the reaction of the fan-base will be.   Many of us have embraced the LCG format as a way to control, or at least plan out, our spending.  This new format will work directly against that, as FFG seeks to grab a larger share of the customer’s wallet.

In addition to the players, we would hope that FFG worked with the Friendly Local Game Store to find a slot for this.  While players can draft at home and in dorm rooms, traditionally game stores have been the nexus for community drafting, allowing players who would otherwise never cross paths to come together at a specific place and time to scratch their itch.  Successful planning across metropolitan areas, creates opportunities to draft on many different nights, not just at Friday Night magic events.  Will stores be able to carve out time for two more drafting events, between all the magic events already on the schedule, the minis players, boardgamers, and roleplayers?

I’ll be watching.  Until draft packs start hitting the street, check out FFG’s official announcement here.