As many of you may have seen last week, a room-sized monopoly board was uncovered in a Fresno, CA home.

Apparently this version of monopoly elevated the risk factor to more than just going to jail (not visiting!) or going bankrupt.  In this version you could lose your shirt!  According to the article and the sketchy summary of game play, this was an adult version of monopoly with a Strip Poker twist on community chest.

I just hope they were playing with the official tournament rules – landing on Free Parking doesn’t allow you to put on all the clothes in the middle, and when you pass go, you only get to put one strategic sock back on.  Too often, I find myself at adult-game night, playing Strip-Monopoly, and people have added all these rules to make the game go on and on, when I really just want it to get over so we can move on to, ahem, other things.

Have you seen any other game rooms like this, and what are your favorite Strip-Monopoly rules?