The creators of Iron & Ale call it a drinking card game but I say it also has elements of LARP. That is, because the game has players acting-out dwarven mead-hall revelry, including arm wrestling, shouting dwarven battle cries, and giving each other dwarven kisses (also known as a slaps in the face).

The community at RPGnet can be difficult sometimes. Yet the forums and database there are tremendous resources for roleplayers. A membership drive is raising funds to help keep it going.

WWII is a MtG-style card game (but not collectible) that looks to be nicely adapted to an Allies vs. Axis theme. Instead of the battleground, there’s the map, where the two players fight over location cards. And each player also has an industry area, where cards are played face-down as factories.

Machina Arcana is a steampunk Cthulhu dungeon-crawl board game with custom dice. At this point, you’re either saying, “Yech,” or you’ve already clicked the link.

Silver Arrow Audio Works’ new venture to produce ambient music and soundscapes for tabletop games begins with 100 minutes of The Wilderness.

In Big Angry Monsters the players, as kaiju, battle each other using a push-your-luck dice mechanic. Also, players can purchase power cards to upgrade their monsters. So let me put it this way, we know the concept can work.

Daft Concepts is offering movement templates and tokens for Star Trek Attack Wing.

Roll Through the Ages: The Iron Age is a sequel to the highly popular Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age. Designed by Tom Lehmann, this new game seeks to add depth to the original with more strategic options.

To expand on its existing line of Call of Cthulhu supplements, Cubicle 7 is developing the Cthulhu Britannica: London boxed set. In a box, the company is able to provide maps, postcards, and other handouts in addition to the standard campaign guidebooks.

Josh Levitan describes his magical-battle card game, Wands, as a cross between Uno and Magic: The Gathering. And he’s so close to funding.

Hold Your Breath is the “final chapter” in Mayday Games’ “Get Bit trilogy”. Now, the pirates, having escaped a shark but still alone in the ocean, are playing a stupid game of seeing who can dive the deepest and return to the surface alive. The game in real-life doesn’t sound so stupid, actually an intriguing push-your-luck card game.

The Advanced Bestiary project is for an update of Green Ronin’s d20 monster book to the Pathfinder RPG.

SteamShadows is an French steampunk urban fantasy RPG.

Go7 Gaming is offering laser-cut game tokens and storage inserts. Also some stand-alone cases. The inserts are custom designed to fit inside specific game boxes and look especially useful for games with lots of cards.

Puzzle Strike Insert