Eagle & Gryphon Games is using Kickstarter to presell a Game Designer’s Toolkit full of extra bits and pieces from a variety of the company’s games. Included are such things as miniature army figures, paper money, train pawns, cardboard tokens, maps, dice, and game boards. Actually, it’s not a bad deal considering it means not having to raid other games for parts.

Geared is a bicycle-building themed card game of the play-a-card, draw-a-card variety. Sets of frame, handlebar, and wheel cards score points. And action cards allow players to remove, steal, or swap parts with other players.

With vs. Pirates, Philip Reed is hoping to restart development on the next installment in his series of micro-RPGs. The last one to surface was the old-west themed vs. Outlaws, which can be downloaded for free from the vs. Pirates project page, and will be sent in-print to all vs. Pirates backers.

The Mega Man The Board Game project seeks to turn the beloved video game in to a board game. It doesn’t really need your support any more but if it can double the funding it’s gotten so far, the mini Mega Man figures will be upgraded to color.

Mega Man The Board Game

Their funding goal is ambitious ($60,000) but d20 Entertainment is hoping to produce a Knights of the Dinner Table live-action video series. Knights of the Dinner Table is a long-running comic strip about a group of gamers.

Fleets at Battle is a neat-looking dexterity game of naval combat. Players toss hexagonal tiles to attack and sink opponent ships.

Goblin Army Games is promoting a card game about battling goblin armies. The game, which the company calls Ruckus, features several goblin guilds from which players draft armies, set them up in formation, and send them off to battle. I don’t know how it plays but the goblins in this game look more cute than ferocious.

Another battling card game on Kickstarter is Warage. They say it has roleplaying elements, in that players build decks to outfit individual heroes, who they then send off to battle.

President Wars is a card and dice game of combat among U.S. presidents.

Equi-n-Play is a card game to be played with horses—no, real ones, really!

British company Quirkative launched two board games, Joker Poker and Vickrey, on Kickstarter at the same time. Neither is doing well.

Jason Santa Maria’s card game, which he cleverly named Clever, challenges kids to match objects in categories, set letters and numbers in sequence, spell words, and complete basic math equations, all in just 74 cards.