This week Wizkids/NECA announced the iOS launch of their successful dice game, Quarriors!  Developed by Icarus Studios, this adaptation is a successful implementation of the board game.

Quarriors takes the deck building game and makes it a dice-fest.  Players role dice to cast spells, summon creatures, and buy more of both.  For all of us that find rolling dice to be almost as fun as winning the game, Quarriors! scratches that itch.

The iOS version dutifully recreates the real life experience of the game.  Dice tumble across the surface of the ipad, and the interface is clean and well thought out.  The play area is clearly defined, and the power cards are always within easy reach in the event that you need to read the full description.  If there is any area that is lacking in the iOS app, it is the tutorial.  After walking through it, new players didn’t feel as if they had a firm grasp on the game.  However, this was not a problem, after a couple of games Quarriors! was fast and fun on the iPad.

Check out Quarriors!  in iTunes for under $6, only on iPad.