6 Player Small World packageWhen Days of Wonder ran its Kickstarter project to fund development on Small World for Android and Steam, the company made available to backers a special map board for six players (Small World on one side, Small World Underground on the other). From the beginning, Days of Wonder said that it intended to sell that expansion at retail.

Today, the company announced that the Small World 6 Player Board would be available in retail stores January 22nd in North America and early March in Europe.

At a suggested retail price of $28 and €25, 6 Player Small World will include the double-sided board; tokens, markers, and victory coins to accomodate another player; four new Popular Places; and one new Righteous Relic. A copy of either Small World or Small World Underground is required to play.

In terms of game play, the rules for six players specify three teams of two. Each team member plays his own race and special power and keeps his own victory coins. However, the team’s overall score is only the lowest score from between the two members.

6 Player Small World map board