Ares MagazineReconceptualizing an SPI science fiction periodical of the same title from 30 years ago, Ares Magazine will publish bi-monthly, feature 60 pages of fiction, and include a complete board game in each issue.

Duel Fighters is a game of individual combat between 75 mm miniature figures. It looks like the game uses cards for actions and as measuring devices for movement. Scenery pieces are available as pledge add-ons.

In the card game, Space Junk, players add things like gas cans, garden gnomes, and giant magnets to their racing and fighting space ships.

While the Heroquest 25th Anniversary Edition Kickstarter project was cancelled because of an intellectual property dispute, the game’s developers are now seeking backers independently.

Been waiting for a zombie-game train-game crossover? Wait no longer. Zomtrak is here.

The Mobscenity party game manages to be obscene without a single obscene word. How? By asking players to define random two-word terms in the worst way possible.

These carbon fiber playing cards look very nice, though a full deck would set you back $120. Metal playing cards (stainless steel or copper) will only cost $15.

Owners of the Collusion project have plans to create a spy-themed board, roleplaying, mobile, social mashup game. It seems ambitious for $100,000 but also intriguing. Other games have integrated mobile phones with a physical board before but this one sounds different. The mobile apps are there to promote the social and roleplaying aspects of the game.

The only game project I’ve heard of offering a rule book in Latin, Palatine is about the dying days of the Roman empire. The game employs a continuous but rather simple auction system, with players bidding on action cards using influence, Denarii (money), and legions (armies).

Break From Reality Games is seeking funds to produce custom-printed, double-sided, non-slip Grip Mats as a game accessory. I haven’t used this particular product but something similar and find it a great help in keeping game pieces from sliding around the table during a game.