The Fief – France 1429 project is Academy Games’ plan to republish an earlier French version. Though a medieval-themed area-control game, Fief appears to have some features that set it apart from standard Euro-game fare. The most intriguing of these is the ability to establish alliances and win the game in partnership with another player. During the game, a player works to advance the members of his noble family with titles and church offices. Alliances are formed by two players through the marriage of family members. To break an alliance requires an annulment from the Pope or the death of one of the wedded pair.

Chaosmos has a weird title and a weird story but for compensation offers a tense space-based adventure with a countdown clock. The goal of the game is to find and then hold on to the “Ovoid”. Players can steal objects from each other and leave behind traps as they explore the board. The last one with the Ovoid when the universe detonates is the winner.

Scribes Arena appears to be a standard magical battle card game with an elaborate fantasy back-story, except that play also incorporates word-game elements. Players need to choose a god, a battlefield, and words of 5-7 letters for the other players to guess. So kind of like strategic Hangman?

Using Patreon, Evil Hat is offering subscriptions to a series of Fate RPG adventure modules. New adventures will be released every 1-2 months. Patrons can contribute as little as $1 per adventure, though at $4 a patron gets early information on products in development, and at $12 a patron can participate in advising Evil Hat.

Spurs is an adventure board game set in the old west. Players can hunt, gamble, rustle cattle, rob a bank, and even get involved in duels. To resolve a shoot-out, players simultaneously grab bullets from individual bags. The first to pull out two hits is the winner. The game also uses “Wanted” posters to represent penalties. “Wanted” posters are earned for robbing banks or winning duels against players that are not themselves wanted.

Entering its 10th season and the leading source of board game reviews online, The Dice Tower network is raising funds to improve quality, purchase video recording and editing equipment, and pay for general operating expenses. A few days in to the campaign, pledges already more than double the goal. $23,000 more and Tom will sing.

Tasty Minstrel Games’ latest pay-what-you-want game project, Burgoo, is about cooking a stew. It’s small, quick, and looks well-worth the suggested pledge of $5.

Ultimate Werewolf: Deluxe Edition is yet another version of Werewolf from Bezier Games, this one for up to 75 players.

And then there are the dice projects, none of which I fully understand… There’s the 36-sided Merged d6, meant as a substitute for two six-sided added together. There’s the metal Fudge dice, but 12-sided instead of six, so each symbol (or blank) shows up three times instead of two. And there’s the special set of 14 dice for the DCC RPG, which apparently requires 3-sided, 5-sided, 7-sided, 9-sided, 11-sided, 24-sided, and 30-sided dice.