Destined for success on Kickstarter, Iello’s Zombie 15′ is a real-time zombie game with miniature figures, scenarios, and a CD soundtrack. But the game is more than just a collection of the latest hot trends. The point of making Zombie 15′ a real-time game is to make players feel the pressure and panic of trying to escape from a zombie horde.

Incorporating diplomacy and area-control in to a game of empire-building in ancient China, Zucchini People Games offers Eternal Dynasty. The game takes place over several generations and with each new generation players must select new leaders with new powers and special abilities.

Storyscape is digital tabletop roleplaying system, meaning it’s a technology for roleplaying just like you would on the tabletop, but over networked computer devices instead. More than just a map system, Storyscape will supposedly incorporate and enforce its own rule-set but also work with an open marketplace for uploading and selling adventures. Also much of the game rules are being written by Robin D. Laws.

With a Kickstarter project to fund additional web development and 3D modeling, Hero Forge aims to build a service for printing customized miniatures. The demo already looks pretty slick!

HeroForge printed custom miniatures
Iron Edda is a fantasy setting for the Fate Core roleplaying game. Norse mythology-themed and set in the time of Ragnarok, Iron Edda is yet designed to encourage diversity and enable “any gamer of any background, age, gender, ability, culture, or sexual orientation to be able to find a place for themselves.”

With Tiny Epic Kingdoms, Gamelyn Games proposes to produce a fantasy-themed “4X micro-game”. While the box is supposed to be pocket-sized, the company’s cramming a lot of game in to it. Tiny Epic Kingdoms has players represent the standard fantasy races, researching magic, expanding population, and constructing strongholds for victory. Already surpassed stretch-goals mean the game will come with a variety of shaped wooden pieces instead of basic cubes.

Flippin’ Fruit is a game of rolling dice to match patterns on score cards. Differentiating it from other games of a similar type are the action cards that allow players to fiddle with the dice, rules that permit some of the cards to be stolen from other players, and the fact that the dice are fruit-themed and 12-sided.

For a 4th Edition of the Earthdawn roleplaying game, FASA promises streamlined rules and an advancement in the setting timeline.