Today, Cryptozoic announced that the free to play game, Hawken, will be coming to your tabletop as a real-time card game.

Hawken has been a free-to-play first person shooter in ‘mechs up until now.  With this release, players will simultaneously draw and play as many cards as they like until one player grabs the “Fire!” card.  At the point players will have to see if their ‘mech overheated during the fury of slapping weapons down onto the table.

This two player game continues the trend of games playing in shorter amounts of time, with a playtime of 25-30 minutes.    MSRP comes in at a comfortable $15, and also includes $5 towards online upgrades.  Two versions will be available, Sharpshooter vs Bruiser, and Scout vs Grenadier.

For more information check out the Hawken product page, and make sure to keep your eye out for this at your gaming store this quarter!