Kaijudo Booster BrawlOn February 14th, Wizards of the Coast will release Kaijudo Booster Brawl, an odd-shape box of cards that marks the official launch of a new game play format with the same name.

The Booster Brawl format has opponents playing from a shared draw deck and five extra face-up cards called “the veil”. Instead of starting with a hand of cards, on each of their turns, players draw one from the deck and one from the veil. The veil is refilled whenever the last of its cards is taken.

To create the shared deck for a Booster Brawl game, the rules direct players to open eight new booster packs. However, I imagine any 72 card deck would work well in practice, if not in tournament play.

To support the new format, as well as a Flip Draft format on which information is not yet available, The Booster Brawl box includes eight booster packs (two from each of four sets), three unique foil cards, a play mat, and a how-to-play guide.

Kaijudo Spire WidowKaijudo Krakatoa the ShatteredKaijudo Kolani Dragon Oracle