Yu Gi Oh War of the Giant Round 2With the just released War of the Giants: Round 2 box, Konami launches a new drafting format for the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game. The box features six 5-card packs from the Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants series, plus a special new 16-card Round 2 pack. These Round 2 packs draw from a set of 98 new cards (bringing the total pool of Battle Pack 2 cards to 313) and include nine common cards, six super rare cards, and one ultra rare collector’s card.

The new drafting process works like this… Each player brings a War of the Giants: Round 2 box to the table and divides the six packs of Battle Pack 2 in to two groups of three. Everyone then opens their first group of three and drafts and passes until they’ve settled on 15 cards.

The next step is to draft the 16-card Round 2 pack, except that the ultra-rare collector’s card doesn’t get passed around. It isn’t part of the draft and stays with the player who opened the box. At the end of this stage, each player should have 30 cards.

In the final step, the players draft the remaining three packs of Battle Pack 2, and then from the 45 cards in their possession, they choose 40 with which to play.

This new drafting process will be used first at the upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series, February 1-2 in Atlanta. There, the top 16 players will proceed to the final round and sit in 8 player “draft pods”.