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At the Asean Para Games in Myanmar, 72 medals were handed out in Chess. Indonesia took the largest number with 10 gold, 7 silver, and 4 bronze. In the men’s physical disability section, Philippines Roger Lopez and Sander Severino traded golds and silvers. Lopez won gold in the rapid games, where Severino took silver. In the standard match-up, it was Severino who claimed the gold and Lopez the silver.

Abhijeet Gupta triumphed at the Parsvnath Delhi International Grandmasters Chess Tournament with a 6-4 score of 8 points, ahead of five challengers at 7.5.

Bryan Smith of Pennsylvania and Elmir Huseynov of D.C. tied for first place at the Eastern Open in Bethesda, Maryland. In third place was Mikheil Kekelidze of New York, who’s two losses both followed sacrificing a white knight on g6.


Matt Reklaitis of Massachusetts won the New York Metropolitan Backgammon Open.


Taking home the trophy and ₹2,85,000 prize from the iGate International Scrabble Tournament was none other than Nigel Richards, whose record in the event was 29-6 +1891.

Magic: The Gathering

At Grand Prix Prague, unranked Vjeran Horvat of Croatia took advantage of the Modern format to win with a red-white-blue deck.

Tom Martell, Pro Tour Gatecrash champion, claimed first place at the Theros Limited format Grand Prix Sacramento with a black-white deck.

Rubik’s Cube

At Frankfurt Cube Days, Sebastian Weyer placed first in standard 3×3 with a national record (6.4 seconds best) and 4×4 with a world record (28.15 seconds average).

Several Asian regional records fell at Guangzhou Small Cubes, where Kailong Lee came in first at 3×3 standard with an 9.36 second average.

Three new single-best-time world records were set at the Lifestyle Seasons Summer in Melbourne, Australia. Feliks Zemdegs solved 4×4 in 24.66 seconds and 3×3 one-handed in 9.09 seconds. Jayden McNeill solved Skewb in 4.27 seconds.