Today, January 29th, Wizards of the Coast has announced two formats for their Kaijudo collectible card game.  This will be part of their Kaijudo Organized Play program, and will add an Open format, and a Standard format.

Standard will be their rotating format, with cards leaving the format on a yearly basis.  The card pool will consist of the last two year’s blocks.

The Open format will be the Kaijudo version for all cards ever printed, complete with asterisks, and exceptions already in place.

It’s great seeing another game being given corporate backing for organized play.  I am surprised to see a Restricted list, as opposed to a flat out ban list.  At this point, I would think that having players track what is restricted, and what isn’t, would be more of a headache than just banning the card outright.

For more information, check out the Kaijudo announcement, found here.