Cryptozoic Entertainment has announced their forthcoming pairing with Finn and Jake’s Adventure Time cartoon.

Once again, Cryptozoic scores a major IP, and it is Adventure Time.  Adventure Time Card Wars is four decks that can be played against each other.  Each deck is themed to a character (Jake, Finn, Beemo and Lady Rainicorn,) and  has standard fantasy card game themes – spells, locations, creatures and hit points.

The physical game will include a code for the digital game being released soon by D3 Publisher. They are no stranger to Adventure Time, having already published “Adventure Time™: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW!” and others for Xbox, PS, and Wii platforms.  Card Wars will be a mobile game available for $3.99 and with In-App purchases.

Here’s to hoping that Flame Princess, and Peppermint Butler aren’t far behind.