Game Blotter - A roundup of crimes, legal cases, and when "the law" gets involved with gamesA man in Dublin is under arrest after confessing to killing his landlord in a dispute over a Chess game. It’s not the first case of a Chess-related killing, however this time the killer went through the extra effort of attempting to eat his victim’s heart!

Of a different mind, the Bahamas Chess Federation is promoting the anti-crime benefits of youth Chess programs.

The back-and-forth suits between Mattel and MGA over Bratz dolls aren’t over. MGA has refiled in California state court a suit against Mattel for $1 billion that was thrown out of federal court.

Researchers claim that Hasbro’s website has a recurring problem with security and may infect visitors with malware, even if those visitors have virus protection software running. The company apparently also has problems with the handling of contractor email addresses.

The Snohomish County Council (state of Washington) voted to keep “social card games” illegal. By county code, “social card games” is defined as gambling. The vote was prompted by nickel and dime games of Bridge, Pinochle, and Poker at the Snohomish Senior Center, where the players would often donate their winnings to the facility.

Two women in the Douglas County Jail were playing The Game of Life when one moved the other’s pieces. Now one of them is charged with felony battery.

In Anchorage, Alaska the order in which candidates in municipal elections will appear on the ballot was determined by the drawing of Scrabble tiles.