Hasbro logoReporting on its fourth quarter and full-year financial results, Hasbro revealed Monday that net earnings for 2013 were $286.2 million, or $2.17 per diluted share. That’s a drop of 15 percent compared to an EPS of $2.55 for 2012.

Before one-time expenses, the year-on-year difference was much smaller, $372.4 million compared to $370.8 for 2012. Besides various tax and pension adjustments, Hasbro’s net was impacted by a $73 million arbitration loss related to a license for NERF and Super Soaker.

While Hasbro’s net revenues were nearly flat, $4.08 billion in 2013 compared to $4.09 billion in 2012, those numbers hide some significant changes for the company. Boys products, traditionally its strongest category, fell 22 percent. This, the company explained, was mostly due to a lack of major entertainment releases during the year, as well as continued slowing of Beyblade sales. Girls, however, rose 26 percent and games 10 percent. The strongest growth in girls products was experienced by My Little Pony Equestria Girls, NERF Rebelle, and Furby.

Across categories, what the company calls its franchise brands were up 15 percent.

In terms of games, Hasbro is putting greater emphasis on its major brands. Magic: The Gathering grew 20 percent in 2013 and continues to be a major area of investment for the company. In contrast, Hasbro revealed that it was writing off certain intangible assets related non-core game brands, though it failed to specify which those were.

Hasbro’s performance also continues to be buoyed by international growth. Overall international business was up 5 percent. Business in emerging markets grew 25 percent.

Along with the financial results, Hasbro’s Board of Directors announced that it was raising the quarterly dividend 8 percent to 43¢ per share. The markets responded positively. Share prices have risen about 4 percent since the results were revealed.