Gale Force Nine announced two new boardgames at NY Toy Fair: Homeland and Black Sails.


Based on the critically-acclaimed Showtime series, Homeland allows up to four players working together to prevent a terrorist “event” while pursuing their own agendas. “It’s a PVP co-op game,” said Jeff Smith, North American General Manager for Battlefront Miniatures and Sales Manager for Gale Force Nine. “Everyone has to work together to stop the event, because if it goes off, the players lose.” As the players attempt to defeat the terrorists, they are also working to reach their own victory condition. While everyone has to work together, only one player can win. Jeff Smith confirmed that one of the hidden player agendas is to have the event succeed, with that player working against the others while “trying to help”. Homeland will be a fourth quarter 2014 release.

Teaser_Poster_for_Black_SailsThe second major announcement was the Black Sails boardgame, based on the Starz drama series set in the Golden Age of Piracy. Not many details were available at Toy Fair as Gale Force Nine had “just put ink on the contract” before the show.  Smith joked that the company had just enough time to add the show’s logo to their Toy Fair brochure. GF9 expects Black Sails to be available in 2015.