Toy-Fair-2014-logo-150wideLion Rampant Imports and Distributions, a full service game distributor based in Ontario, Canada, showcased several new games for the North American market at Toy Fair.

From Drei Maigier Spiele, translated versions of Cockroach Poker and Cheating Moth were available. Cockroach Poker is the English translation of Kakerlakenpoker, a cute bluffing game for the whole family. Cheating Moth (Mogel Motte) is a silly family game that is all about cheating: players need to discard all their cards, but several cards can’t be placed in the discard pile — the players have to hide them up sleeves, in pockets, or dropping them on the floor.

Cockroach Poker Cockroach Poker and Cheating Moth Pickomino Ghost Blitz 2 Polterfass Auf Teuful Komm Raus ukloo Rondo

Zoch is re-releasing Reiner Knizia’s Pickomino (Heckmeck am Bratwurmeck), the classic dice game, and Ghost Blitz 2 (Geistesblitz 2.0), a fast-thinking followup to Ghost Blitz where players grab matching (or mis-matching) items shown on cards. Lion Rampant also brought Ghost Blitz 5 to Midnight to the show to gauge interest. The 5 to Midnight version is a bit more complex than the other Ghost Blitz games released in North America, explained Rose Kriedemann, COO of Lion Rampant. In this version, players have to call out items on the cards as they grab the items. Other games Lion Rampart is testing in the North American market are Polterfass, a non-dice dice rolling game (barrels that land up on end or on sides), and Auf Teufel Komm Raus (Kettle of Hell), a push your luck betting game about grabbing coal from Hell without getting caught by the devil.

Lion Rampant also had Ukloo, an early reader treasure hunt game where the whole house is the game play area, and Schmidt Spiele’s Rondo, an abstract strategy game.