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Working in collaboration, Wizards of the Coast and Wizkids will be creating  a miniature line in support of their D&D Next launch campaign.

This is not Wizards first foray into D&D minis territory.  For eight years WOTC published D&D Mins as a tactical miniatures game based roughly on the d20 system.  After the game was cancelled in 2011, the molds were still put to good use in their boardgames, and in the too-soon-killed Dungeon Command. Wizkids, of course, is the current reigning king of prepainted, plastic minis.  Having done every genre out there, tackling the D&D minis should be no problem for them.

This time round, I hope they really look at the players, and give them what they want.  DMs would love skeleton packs, goblin packs, and other monster packs.  While everyone loves Drizzt, he isn’t needed in every campaign, and only one of him at a time.  Instead, give us some generic drow elves, and an NPC pack.  Oh, and a few furniture kits for dungeons and taverns wouldn’t hurt, either.

More information can be found on the Wizkids site here.