Gamesmith’s Pirate Den is a simple game of playing cards and stealing treasure, sometimes from merchant ships and sometimes from each other. The game has a bluffing element too, as cards are played simultaneously. Occasionally, players bury their treasure, which in game terms means protecting victory points from being stolen.

Goodman Games is raising funds to reprint the original Metamorphosis Alpha roleplaying game, plus new adventures, in a single hardback book. This project is unrelated to an earlier one that funded a fifth edition of Metamorphosis Alpha from Signalfire Studios.

Another early RPG product being resurrected is City State of the Invincible Overlord, which Judges Guild wants to update for the Pathfinder RPG.

Real-time is a hot trend and Chronos Conquest certainly targets that style of play. But it does so with a twist. Instead of one timer setting a limit on everyone’s moves, Chronos Conquest gives each player 2-3 sand timers. They then slap down those timers on card stacks in order to lay claim to the top cards when those specific timers expire.

Another trend-follower with a twist is the zombie miniatures game, Zed or Alive. Its combat rules are based on Savage Worlds: Showdown but it also includes a campaign system that allows players to create their own mutating virus strain.

Talking Cartoon Rabbits bucks trends with its Triptych project. The game is a CCG without a theme. Subtitled “Anything vs. Everything”, Triptych’s cards feature fantasy creatures, characters from classic literature, superheros, historic figures, and everything else you can imagine.

Mobile Frame Zero Alpha BanditMobile Frame Zero: Alpha Bandit is a set of rules for running miniature battles with spaceships made of Lego construction bricks. A copy of the robot combat rules, Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack, is required (but available to download for free). If you act quick, you might still be able to grab one of the $650 reward tiers that includes a fleet of custom built ships.

El Generale has players acting as dictators, each with their own real-world country. During the course of a game, a general has to balance internal infrastructure development with external military conflict. But at the end of the game, the goal is to escape the inevitable revolution with the largest stash of cash.

In Highway Hustle, Blue Room Games looks to pair the themes of road construction and battling bands in a tile-laying game because… why not!?!

Legendary Games is working with Kobold Press, Rogue Genius Games, and Dreamscarred Press on a major expansion to the Mythic Adventure rules of the Pathfinder RPG. The group is producing a Mythic Hero’s Handbook, a Mythic Monster Manual, and a Mythic Spell Compendium—they’re calling the project Mythic Mania. $2,300 more and all three books will be in-print.

Coup Reformation is an expansion and its project page says barely a word about the game’s contents. Yet with 13 days to go, it’s already raised more than $80,000 (over eight times it’s goal). So clearly, that’s all you need from me.

Not having as easy a time of it, R&R Games is raising funds for an electronic version of its 1st & Goal football board game.

Troll Hunt is a game about being mean to trolls. First players summon them in to a walled compound, then with lanterns and mirrors shine light in their eyes to petrify them. Something like those laser puzzles but without the laser. Poor trolls!